Thanks to The Underground Garage!

Thanks to Little Steven's Underground Garage SiriusXM channel 21 for playing our new single "One of the Boyz"! 

Coolest Song in the World Week of Aug 23rd!

I guess the cat is out of the bag! Thank you Stevie Van Zandt and The Underground Garage for making "Heart Inside Your Head" the "Coolest Song in the World" this week! Listen to the Underground Garage on SiriusXM channel 21 all week to get a listen!

Two New Summer '21 Singles!

It's been a minute, hasn't it? Nick & The Complicated Men have two new singles for your listening pleasure: "Heart Inside Your Head" and "One of the Boyz."  Click the button to listen and/or download them (if you're into that kinda thing). 

More news forthcoming on a full album release - stay tuned!

At long last, here's the Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men video debut of "Upper Hand" - featuring our daughter doppelgangers.


The new Nick Piunti & The Complicated Men album "Downtime" is out!  Click to buy it here!



Due to these strange, strange times, the new album "Downtime" will now be released on May 22nd. 




#5 at Absolute Power Pop

#7 on "Power Pop Show"

#11 at "John Borack's Power Pop Plus-Goldmine Magazine"

#12 at "Power Pop News"

#12 at "Faster and Louder"

#14 at "Powerpopaholic"

#17 at "I Don't Hear a Single"

#23 at "Power Pop Life"

#31 at "Say it With Garage Flowers"


"Trust Your Instincts" Best of 2016 Lists

 "Trust Your Instincts" is included on The Loft Sirius XM 30's Year in Review

#1  at "I Don't Hear a Single"

#1 Solo Artist of the Year  "The Lord Rutledge Awards 2016"

#3 at "Faster and Louder"

#5 at Power Popaholic

#5 at "The Power Pop Show"

#7 at "Absolute Power Pop"

#7 at "Plastico Elastico" Spanish Radio Show

#8 by Reuben Frank @ CSNPhill

#10 at Pop Fair

#12 at "Say it With Garage Flowers"

#1 "Blame in Vain" on "Radio Indie's Year End Countdown List"

 "Trust Your Instincts" is getting rave reviews!

Out on Marty Scott's JEM Records, Trust Your Instincts is exactly what we've come to expect from Nick Piunti: ten exquisitely-crafted pop songs with amazing lyrics and hooks to die for -Faster and Louder  

Nick Piunti has reliably delivered another amazing album. “Trust Your Instincts” is everything exemplary about power pop-Powerpopaholic 

NIck Piunti bids for the top 10 again with another insanely catchy collection of power pop tunes-Absolute Power Pop  

"Trust Your Instincts" sure to end up on some top 10 lists at the end of the year. Grade: A John Borack's Power Pop Plus/Goldmine Magazine  

10 Golden songs, even better than I had expected, this would be in my year's Top 20 because it's a Nick Piunti album. But it could very well be at the top of the tree. Absolutely wonderful!-I Don't Hear a Single  

It may be his best effort yet: ten tracks featuring his increasingly sharp and incisive writing, tough and shiny guitar riffing, and the best damned vocals in the entire rockin’ pop world-Pop That Goes Crunch 

This record never lets up and makes you remember why you love The Beatles, Cheap Trick and 90’s stalwart Matthew Sweet’s records-Marc Platt  

People still make great power pop records and Nick Piunti is living proof.--Richard Rossi, Power Pop News  

It is clear that Nick certainly trusts his own instincts to deliver great, power pop flavoured hits, because that’s what he does throughout this latest release-The Soul of a Clown

You want “immediate classic”? Well, that’s what you get with this new album from Detroit-area power-pop legend Nick Piunti-Rob Ross, Popdose

"Beyond The Static"  Best of 2015 Lists

#1-Power Pop Academy (Japan) Top 10 Albums of 2015

#3-Plastico Elastico (Spain)

#6-Powerpopaholic Top 25 Albums of 2015

#6-Absolute Powerpop Top 100 albums of 2015

#3-Pop That Goes Crunch Top 40 of 2015

#11-Say it With Garage Flowers Top 31 of 2015

#11-The Power Pop Show Top 40 of 2015

"Beyond the Static" easily makes my top 10 list for 2015.  Don't miss this one!-Powerpopaholic

"Beyond the Static" is a superb effort from a music "lifer" who is at the very top of his game. Musically and lyrically he has delivered an extraordinary collections of songs.-Lord Rutledge, Faster and Louder

Piunti knocks out the hooks and melodies one after the other in the most classic of power pop styles. "Beyond the Static" might just meet or exceed 2013's #2 ranking when it comes to my 2015 list. -Absolute Power Pop

"Beyond the Static" is a grand work of pop art by an artist who is at the top of his powers. -Alan Haber, Pure Pop Radio

"Beyond the Static" is an album full of brilliantly written pop songs which are actually timeless.-The Soul of a Clown

Fans of 13 In My Head will definitely love Beyond The Static – it’s more of the same; infectious power pop songs, with big guitars, harmonies and strong melodies.-Sean Hannam, Say it With Garage Flowers.

"13 In My Head" Best Of 2013 Lists

#2 on Absolute Power Pop's Top 100 Albums of 2013!  Nothing prepared me for this solo turn by Piunti which I'm putting in pole position for top power pop album of 2013

#7 on Goldmine Magazine's Top 20 of 2013.  By John M. Borack

#3 on David Bash's (International Pop Overthrow) Top 100 Albums of 2013!

#4 on  
Nick Piunti is a new name to me and he arrives loaded with hooks, harmonies and melodies galore. The best Power Pop album of the year!

#5 on Powerpopaholic's Top 25 Albums of 2013!

#5 on Say it With Garage Flowers's Best Albums of 2013 by Sean Hannam!  Nick Piunti’s new album 13 In My Head is an instant power pop classic

#3 on Pop That Goes Crunch Top 20 songs of 2013!
Hands down, "13 in My Head" is the best rocker of the year. It looks backward and forward in both sound and outlook, behind driving guitars and Piunti’s classic vocals:

 #9 on The Power Pop Show's Best Albums of 2013!

"13 in My Head" makes Rob Reinhart's Top 15 of 2013!